Enhancements on Tree view (especially on Project/Tasks)

Hello everyone,

to manage our ERPNext Implementations we now heavily rely on the tree view of Task. To make it easy for everyone we simple follow the structore of frappe/erpnext when creating such a tree.

For Example we create a tree with the parent Task beeing “Module Sales” we then have child Task “DocType Sales Order” and a grand child Task “Printformat Sales Order”.

All upcoming Tasks are then just added under the respective Task to have an overview of what tasks are pending on certain DocTypes on the implementation journey.

Now the tree view has it’s advantages when it comes to overview of number of tasks but has no visible information on assignments or status on the tasks which is a pitty.

A simple workaround is to open a further browser window to identify and open tasks for further information.

Heres my wish list:

  1. Be able to add Standard Filters to the Treeview
  2. Have the Sidebar to be able to Filter for Tags, Assignments etc.
  3. Have the pop-up Window when hovering over a Task
  4. See the Status and Assignment of Task in Tree view
  5. Be able to add further assignments from tree view via + action
  6. more to come (surely)

Is anyone working on such enhancements? Anything planned in the near future?