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Employment Type


I had added a employee as a piecework (Employment Type), but when i am making pay roll for it there is no option to choose how many pieces he has made so that i can calculate his salary. he is working as per piece he produces and he will get salary as per that. how can i do that in erpnext. please guide if there is a way to do this.



You can make Salary slip from Timesheet. Check.



I think timesheet will not work for me as it is based on hours not as per piece. let me clear my problem, e.g. i have workers and they make different piece with different rate and their pay will be based on that.


Has anyone found a solution for this? Payroll based on piece work? Where the employee is paid for the items produced rather than hourly or monthly


Hello All,
I think it is best to use the Sub contracting module in case of Piece work.
This way once can transfer the Raw Materials to Sub Contractor and keep a track of that, there is no need to keep a track of time as the payment will be made on piece basis (quantity produced)