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Employee Clearance Feature


Hello To All,

May I know if the ERPNext have features or Workaround in HR for clearance for the resign employee that need to clear in every department…

Example: The HR notify the resign employee via email and give the link of ERPNext where need to log in to view the clearance form.
Inside the clearance form the employee will see each name of the department head and will click the button for clearance and the system will send notification to that head that he/she have need to approve or clear that resign employee and if the Department Head need some paper/details to clear that employee have also a option to reply to that form and ask the resign employee to complete the details

After all department head cleared the resign employee the system notify the HR that the resign employee is cleared to all department…

Example Form:


This would indeed good if ERPNext would have some slot for this, it will add more values to the ERPNext system and management, hope some members would reply or work on this soon


This may help , On-boarding and separation (exit/resign/relieve) process is converted to project-task and assigned to relevant roles/ users.

if the above link expires


Thank You, will check if this feature can achieve my request regarding Clearance feature.