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Email Alert notification not sent?

Hi Team,
I’m trying to setting up a new email alert to notify when a sales order is submitted?
manually email sending functionality is working but , when i submit the sales order notification email not receive to the receiver how to fix this issue?
Please suggest solution…

Check this link. Post screenshots of your configuration if you need more help.

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When i manually send email the email goes to the email queue list ,but i want this automatically
but i want it automatic when the user submit the sales order then mail automatically send to the user

also when the user submit the sales order in below picture i add some condition is it correct?

Hi Satish,

Please select a email id in the sender column and then save it.

After this test it out. It should work.

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Hi Sujay,
thanks for reply .
I also do this but nothing to change…

Type doc.status==“Open” in the condition.

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The Condition ‘doc.status==“Open”’ is invalid

I have setup notification for sales invoice on submit.

You can refer these screenshots. Also, please remove the code from the condition.

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Same configuration on my system but auto mail functionality not yet work…manual are work now.

Check if your scheduler is enabled from bench

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yes schedular is enable

In the existing system it work properly without adding the role ,same configuration i do in my local machine but don’t use through the role i want to use only cc.
How to fix this ??