Edit Chart of Accounts

Basic modification of CoC I did 4 years back. Today I wanted to do a minor change. To my surprise noticed that charts can no longer be deleted. I created one and even without leaving the CoC module could not delete it.
I understood that CoC would become more adaptable to comply with CoC’s used in different countries. This is the opposite. Do I overlook something??

@becht_robert do you mean you are unable to delete a cost center? Or a Chart of Account? Chart of Accounts are created for Company

Dont know about Cost Centres. Did not try to edit. (sorry see i typed CoC where I meant CoA)
The CoA tree used to be editable. One could for example delete accounts from the standard CoA if considered not relevant. This is no longer possible.

As stated: even a new account head created, without any transactions, could not be deleted.
Or I do something completely wrong/misunderstand