Easy install issue

after i install erpnext on ec2 amazon with easy install i loose the ability to ssh again to the server …
note : the server working fine and erpnext … but i can’t ssh

i try it many times today same issue

That’s definitely your server!

i thought the same , i created other two fresh servers and install erpnext log out and ssh again not accepting my key ?

Check if your keys have changed in the AWS console.

Also check that the ports are not blocked by firewall settings

i ssh before install … exit and ssh again it works …
installed erpnext i can’t ssh !!
i change the key create new one … still have the same issue

aws 22 ssh port is open

  adduser [frappe-user]
  usermod -aG sudo [frappe-user]

because i didn’t add frappe user by this command and was login with ubuntu user default aws ssh user … i lost the ssh ability …

i create new server and create frappe user and it works fine