Donate Button in the Forum

Continuing the discussion from Open Source: Free as in Baby:
this topic ended up with me saying there needs to be a “donate” button in the forum (direct link to a paypal i.e.

I was strongly suggesting to be more aggressive in this regards (and got a like from @rmetha) but still nothing has happened since then (10days) … actually not even a page of Frappe does exist (which I believe being the easiest and simplest way to implement this within 5, 10, 15 ? minutes).

so … visit click Get Started and go with the flow.
you get a link maybe like or which can (hopefully easily) be integrated in the forum (I suggest on the bottom and Top inside the topics, so somebody who has had a problem solved can just send some $$$-gratitude over


@vrms Thanks for the follow up :slight_smile: Yes would love to have more money!

We were thinking of adding this to the foundation, but we can add a donate button too!