Does ERPNext has a TDS module - Tax Deducted at Source (India)


Not sure anyone out there has implemented TDS in India… :slight_smile:

I understand our counterpart country in India has a regulation whereby they need to submit electronically TDS on behalf of employees via payroll module.

How do we activate this module … I am guessing it has to be in the HR module.

Currently they are using Tally and they have something like this :

I also understand this is a government regulation to submit electronically through some approved vendor/system.

Any pointers will be helpful… thanks!

Boon Yar

The feature has to be developed you want auto calculation of TDS in Salary structure. In my case, we use ‘slab based tds’. Therefore, we have changes in the salary structure and process payroll to hit the correct gls.

You can set it up as a Deduction in the Salary Structure. Not sure about the electronic transfer though.

ok Thanks all for your feedback… I will send this back to the Accounts team in India. I was told it has to be submitted electronically

Beside 1% social security tax how have you implemented other rate of 15%, 25% and 35%… Can you elaborate ?

Thank you all again. Yes I fed back this to my india counterpart. Still awaiting reply…