Doc Status for Automatic Generated Material Request

Hi, I have define Re-Order Level and also has ticked Raise Material Request when stock reach re-order level. And it is working well.

I am getting accurate system generated Material Request of shortage item.

But now issue is, this system generated request is already marked Submit and If user need to do some quantity up-down then he has to cancel it first and then Amend it.

Secondly I have define Workflow for Material Request:

Stock User-- Stock Manager-- Unit Head-- Purchase Manager
Draft-- Approve the Quantity-- Approval-- Check if Requested Item is properly define with Purchasable Quantity (Accepted By Purchase)

Now If I tick (Raise Material Request if Stock reach Re-Order Level), then generated request automatically set to Accepted By Purchase(Submit) and break the whole Workflow.

So, I just want to know, is there any option to Raise this system generated Material Request with Draft Mode, So user can take further action on it.

Does anyone has any solution for this.