DigitalOcean market place, promoting a clone of ERPNext instead of the original

I’m very happy that there is a 1-Click ERPNext installation on the marketplace on DigitalOcean.

Finally a way to test and deploy version 12 without struggling over scattered documentation on installing it on Ubuntu18. Give it a shot, it works out of the box!. Hope ERPNext Foundation can take a look or maintain that up to date, and make it available with more options.

For the price, well, they have locked the install to the cheap droplets, so you have to spend $40 US for a droplet a month. Good for testing and hosting many sites or production, but expensive on the long run for 1 site.

Sadly to say, we received a newsletter from DigitalOcean, promoting a french clone of ERPNext, and not mentioning ERPNext itself, or at least on the same level, just check the options on the business-class category.

(I don’t want to rise and issue about this clone, or what is right or wrong about it. --but it is nice to be aware of the good things that comes from it)

At the end everything points to ERPNext and its creators, but it raises the issue of how this community can bring forces to do a better promoting. And that is IMHO, a 1-click installs (E.g. Digital Ocean, CapRover…), making the official docker install easier to use and test, more integrations, or what the Foundation might know better .

I hope next time I get a newsletter from DO I would like to see ERPNext first hand.

I want to congratulate the foundation and all the people that has collaborated and put their efforts and time to make this wonderful platform!!.

We are learning, but hope we can contribute one way or the other.

All the best!!!
Quad Tree, Mexico