Different stock item prices

Hello Team,

I’d like to know if this could be possible to have different price of one kind of item/product, for example:
I have two kind of fruits: Passion and Dragon fruit, and their prices are updated on each season:
a) Season 1:
Passion Fruit: $5
Dragon Fruit: $6

b) Season 2:
Passion Fruit: $7
Dragon Fruit: $8

c) Season 3:
Passion Fruit: $3
Dragon Fruit: $4

My questions are,

  1. How could be possible to use “Stock Items” and update the price according to the seasons? Does it automatically adjust the existing quotations or invoices which was issue before (in case the items price updated)?

  2. If the item price is changed, how could i avoid it? This mean i’d like to make all invoice or submitted quotations or others (reports, …) unchanged.

Thanks a lot.


@bzero have some ways to do it!

The first way is:

You can create multiple “List Prices” to the same product, and manage all the prices!

An alternative way, is, you can manage a single price list with the highest price, and use the Pricing Rules, to apply discounts according the season! This method have the hability of apply discounts based on date periods!.

1 - I’m not sure, if you update a price, it will take effect over a opened (but not submitted) quotation
2 - When the price is changed submitted documents dont will be changed!

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