Difference in Total Taxable Value between GSTR1 and GSTR3B?


We are having a problem that we cannot trace. The “Total Taxable Value” in 3.1 of GSTR3B is coming to be different than the “Total Taxable Value” in GSTR1. The figures for Sales Register, GST Sales Register, and GSTR1 are all the same and correct. However, the “Total Taxable Value” in GSTR3B is Rs 22,99,694.6 less than the “Total Taxable Value” figure in GSTR1.

This Rs 22,99,694.6 amount cannot be attributed to any single invoice. The Place of Supply and GST details are put in all the invoices. Do you have any recommendations of what I should do and what could be wrong?


Please verify the Customer’s GST Category

Apologies for the late response. I checked the GST Category and it is Registered Regular for all the customers and all the sales invoices made.

The main question is that if the GSTR1 shows the correct figures, even the GSTR3B should show the correct figures right? All the invoices also have the correct Place of Supply mentioned.