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Difference between Lab Prescription and Lab Test



What exactly is the difference between a Lab Prescription and a Lab Test in the healthcare module. From what I understood, Lab Prescriptions are actually suggested lab tests to be performed and not the actual tests itself. If thats the case then why are Lab Prescriptions also seen in the Get Items action of Sales Invoice.



This enables the billing user to invoice Lab Orders for a Patient without having to look up the Patient Encounter document


I still have confusion on this. Lets say In the Patient Encounter Form, Lab Tests are prescribed and its submitted. Now Lab Technician does a “New Lab Test” and does a get lab tests from encounter and saves and submits this Lab Test. Now when I create an SI, I see both the Lab Test Created with a reference to the original Lab Prescription and the Lab Prescription itself. Am I clear?



I guess Get Items from option should not list the “invoiced” items.


Yes it shouldnt. But in my above scenario its showing twice one as a Lab Prescription and other as a Lab Test which was created against that Prescription in the first place. None of these two are invoiced yet but then the two are related so why show both and confuse the person who is billing. May be I am missing something


Will make a check on this.


Sure. Thanks a lot. Also if possible if we can discuss it through once, I would want to help updating the docs also and to contribute if changes are necessary in the code