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Developing for ERPNext


I am wondering if there is possible for any developer to develop some extensions for ERPNext for private use. If it is, how to proceed? is there some documentation or guides about this? it is clear that python programming skills are required but besides that, it is necessary to know how the development is organized so that one can know how to start developing new features working on ERPNext.

For example. I need to modify the installation of ERPNext I did on my server so that it can be integrated with taxes authority in my country. When an invoice is created in ERPNext, that invoice could be sent directly to tax authority. When a supplier sends an invoice to me, it could directly be saved as purchase invoice in ERP Next.

Or in the e-commerce site, to integrate with payment and shipping methods in my country.

Any advice will be greatly appreciated.




Desarrollé un módulo ERPNext para el envío de facturas electrónicas al servicio de rentas internas (SRI) del Ecuador.

¿Te interesa, tal vez?

Hola Martín, yo estoy haciendo lo mismo para Costa Rica, a mí me interesa evaluar tu solución.

Hola Martín, sí, me interesa para tener la idea de cómo hacerlo.

Y si tuvieras también alguna documentación que te sirvió para desarrollar tu módulo, te lo agradecería la compartas por aquí :slight_smile:


En que pais estas?


Mira mi mensaje privado, p.f.