Desk Access login Problem

I removed the read role permission on Kanban Board, now I can’t access my erpnext desk.Kindly how can I go about this?
This is the message am getting when I login: “No permission to read Kanban Board”

Login as Administrator and assign the same role to your user. It should be fixed then.

I can’t access the desk as an administrator too

Do you have recent backup ? If yes, then import it and it should solve you problem because Permissions are stored on database.

I only have today’s backup, yet the issue occurred 2 days ago. Thanks

Are you able to open any DocType or so from the url ?
If so, open it up and try to restore the original permission from the provided button on the page.

As a last resort you can do the following (Note:- Its highly volatile)

Try running this query from bench console or bench mariadb console -

update `tabDocPerm` set read=1 where parent='Kanban Board';

@cha it means you should take backup

Could this lead to loss of other modified doctypes?


As far as I can understand this is setting Read permissions for all roles who are permitted some operation on Kanban Board. This should not affect any DocType.

Yes it is. Thanks

True that. This will not have any adverse effect as it is just changing the value of a column to its original state. The ‘Note’ was just a precautionary suggestion, as one should not rely on making changes to db no matter what (hence last resort). Were you able to solve the issue ?


I will let you know once I try. Thanks Zlash65

Just tried but didn’t work for me

This is the screenshot

update `tabCustom DocPerm` set read=1 where parent='Kanban Board';

After running the above query, restart bench or bench clear-cache.