Default website theme

This topic has been covered before but I don’t see an actual answer to the question: How to set a default website theme for all users (including the public login page)?

Your question is not clear. Please explain more.

Pertinent to Desk…I want all users to default to Timeless Night instead of the default Frappe Light theme.

Answered my own question. Frappe is hardcoded to default to the ‘light’ theme if the user’s ‘data-theme’ isn’t set. This seems worth creating an option for. Does anyone have an opinion where/how this should get set in the UI?

Currently, for custom themes, there’s a ‘Set as Default Theme’ button. This is a bit misleading, though, because it seems to be aimed only at Website elements. Should there be a ‘Desk Settings’ item in the main Settings workspace for this type of configuration (ie., ‘Select default theme’)?