Debits and credits logic

Hi everyone, just read this on the manual about Taxes:

To do this, you will have to make a new Tax Account under “Tax Liabilities” or
similar and credit this Account by the percent you are bound to deduct for
every transaction.

In my country, taxes are a debit. Where can I manage the logic of the debits and credits in general? I’m noticing in my balance that some things are right and others are upside down, like taxes.

My assets, expenses and costs must increase on debit.
My income, liability and equity must increase on credit.

In the past I set this at the “Account must be” but, it didnt make the purchase receipt.
Erpnext v 6


Assuming you are referring to GMF tax, I think when you do a bank reconciliation , you could handle such entries through a Journal Entry.

Thanks for the answer, the solution is create first of all the Purchase Invoices and have everithing update at company’s account configuration. It will synchronice the taxes.

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