Dashboard doctype linking


I see that internal_links can be used in the dashboard file for any doctype to link to doctypes in child tables. How can I use this to link to doctypes in the current document that are not part of child tables? Am I overlooking something obvious?


Can you explain your use case with some examples? Screenshots maybe?

For e.g, the sales invoice document uses internal_links in the dashboard to link with sales orders since the sales order is in the items table of the sales invoice. Suppose I have a link field outside of the table in the current document, how can I display it on the dashboard? E.g, if the sales order field was not in the items table but instead on the main sales invoice document.

The dashboard links are in essence back links; which means the doctypes in the dashboard have a link field of the current doctype. Notice how clicking on them takes you to their list filtered by the fieldname of the current doctype:

So it looks like their inherent behaviour is the reverse of your use case. As it were, the dashboard acts as a link to the documents from the current doc that do not explicitly have their link field in its form (internal_links are another case of indirect linking, as child table forms are also another doctype). It isn’t configured to render it’s own link fields. Link fields play the part of the actual low level, direct linking :slight_smile: But sure, I guess the dashboard links do look nicer.

Let us know how that fits in with what you’d like to achieve, and whether a (probable) hack is worth it. Cheers!

Thanks for the reply. This certainly helps clear things up. I guess it might be useful to be able to have links from the current doctype show up in the dashboard as well. Since Sales Order links are in the child table, this works for now but we might have custom doctypes where the link to previous docs are in the main doc and not in child tables.

If the field in the document, then it will work fine without need to mention the internal_links.
In other words, internal_links are used for indirect linking as @pratu16x7 metioned. Which is used if the field is not existed and the child table (which is common name between the two document types) is existed.


Hi. Im have a case. Can you help me?

the costumers only have link to Sales Order. I need that many costumers linked the same Sales Order, because in secure medical , one policy have many pacients.

I maked a child table, thats work linked, but in dashboard links in Customers dont show Sales Order linked.