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Customization in New customer - QUICK ENTRY FORM



Could you please help me in making a small customization?
I wanted to bring the followings fields in the QUICK ENTRY “New customer opening” Form.

  1. GST number
  2. Place of Supply



This may not be possible as as these fields are maintained at Address level in ERPNext.


I think it is possible as the “Primary Contact” and “Primary Address” fields are also maintained in address table but they are coming in Quick entry view.

Please see the attached screen



look into erpnext/public/js/utils/customer_quick_entry.js and create_primary_address() function in erpnext/selling/doctype/customer/

making the relevant changes in these files should help you archive your objective.

Also, please send a PR once you make this customization.


This may be an intentional exclusion. My experience with bypassing the quick entry screen and trying to do it all in the full screen has had problems as soon as you attempt to add an address BEFORE having saved the record with it’s minimum fields. When I tried to do it in full screen mode, the address never seems to link properly.

Maybe you should try full screen before you waste much effort on adding to quick entry.

Your mileage may vary… :grin:



This is really inconsistent. If the fields are available in quick entry form, they should be made available in full form. It’s hard to make non-technical users understand this behavior. Looks like this should be made more consistent.


Check this out.


The problem is not about how to do it. The problem is with the inconsistency. The quick entry form has customer address fields while the actual customer form does not have it.


Exactly, I too don’t know why it is that way.
But, Customization Helps! :slight_smile:


I tried that but can’t figure out a way to make address fields visible in the full form when adding a new customer.



you can edit here…and for trigger any event you need to use hook


We did the same for our customer entry form.

IT Had to be done, especially for the PRIMARY ADDRESS field.

Did you know the Customer Form holds the PRIMARY ADDRESS in a “DATA” field and you can’t even change its field type using Customize Form.

Who holds an address data inside a 140 character limited field anywway?

Not Just that, an address created with Quick Entry dialogue is classified as a billing address, and that is filtered out of the “Customer Primary Address” link field? You can’t select the address you just set on the quick entry form on the Main Customer record as it’s “Customer Primary Address”

Why? This design makes absolute no sense, It basically asked you to create two separate Address for 1 customer EVEN IF their address is the same!

In the end we customized the Customer Form and hide all those system fields and created 1 single TEXT only field to hold the Customer’s Address on the customer form.