Customization about ERPNext

Hello Guys, I use ERPNext : v13.27.1 version-13,
I hope to use ERPNext for a Company with different use roles with there use accounts, It allows to all modules and features I wanted using Administrator account. But I don’t have an idea how can I match functions with another user roles, So I need to know how can do it, if you can please send me resources links which i can learn.

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Hi @Buddhika_Ranasinghe,
please check it.

1: Users And Permissions
2: Role and Role Profile
3: Role Based Permissions
4: User Permissions
5: Role Permission for Page and Report
6: Administrator
7: Customize ERPNext



let me know can i make a sales order based on purchase order, I need to purchase order submit from one user account and sales order submit from another user account, is it possible

Hi @Buddhika_Ranasinghe,

It’s Possible.
You can set it like
User 1: Only Purchase Transaction set for default role is Purchase User, Purchase Manager, and Purchase Master Manager
User 2: Only Sales Transaction set for default role is Sales User, Sales Manager, and Sales Master Manager

Customization right for Use Role Permission Manager.
You can user-wise set creation right only and also set not submit rights.

If you have a smart user then you can set both rights like Purchase and sales.

Thank You!

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In that case what are the modules i need to allows those users, ( those use account only use for purchase and sales )


Hi @Buddhika_Ranasinghe,

If user-Purchase then set basic module right and also set Purchase Module.
If user-Sales then set basic module right and also set Sales Module.
If user-Accounts then set basic module right and also set Account Module.

Basic module = Core, Desk, contacts, etc.


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Thank you very much for your previous instructions,

User 1 :
User Role :- Purchase user, Purchase Manager and Purchase Master Manager
Allow Modules :- Purchase Module

User 2 :
User Role :- Sales user, Sales Manager and Sales Master Manager
Allow Modules :- Sales Module

After I log in to User account 1 and submitted a purchase order ( set supplier as User 2 ), Then log in to User account 2, but submitted purchase order is not visible.

Did I do the correct way?
What are your suggestions?
Can you help me?

Thank you,

Hi @Buddhika_Ranasinghe,

Yes, Correct
But check if read rights for all users then remove them from Role Permission Manager.

Hope you understand the process.


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can you give me a example about your last instruction ( related to my case ) ? It will very helpful for me


Hi @Buddhika_Ranasinghe,

Hmm :thinking:

did you check this scenario?

If User 1 log in to the Sales transaction show or not?
If User 2 log in to the Purchase transaction show or not?

If not shown then will be your workflow is perfect.
If the user reads Purchase or Sales Transaction then will be set Role permission for a specific user.

First, try to understand role management for again read all topics.
Then apply for roles one by one so you can better understand for set permission.

Thank You! :slight_smile: