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Customers under specific groups not showing under all customer groups


I installed ERPNext (2 weeks ago) and updated to latest version (yesterday, $bench update) as well. I’m not sure if this is a bug or its by design. I follow the next steps:

  1. Add a new customer group “Mafia”
  2. I add a new customer “Corleone” under “Mafia”
  3. View customers, Groups -> “All customer groups” does not show “Corleone”
  4. View customers, Groups -> “Mafia” shows “Corleone”

Same is true for other forms e.g. employees, territories, etc.

I am under the assumption that “All customer groups” and “All territories” should show everyone. What am I missing here?

The filters will only show the data they are linked to. The parent will not show the data of the child nodes

Thank you!

Is there any patchy way we can show all items under subgroups as well?

I have the same problem…
did you find a way how to display items for given group and all its subgroups in one view?
From my point of view, displaying only linked group is not logical. Example: if I have parent territory Europe and child territories Germany and France with a lot of customer in it, and want to display all the customers from Europe, I see no customer under Europe group - what is misleading…

Try this…

Go to list view of customer > Add filter and apply the below filter.

Hope this helps.

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Thanks a lot @michelle !
Btw, is it possible to have this by default?

Yes, we can work on having this as a feature. Would be a change at framework level. Will update here if we have this in our roadmap.

Thank you :slight_smile:
I guess this could be useful feature for a lot of people, to have some checkbox to include (or not) descendants in all the views, where it makes sense (customers, items…)