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Custom Print Format Barcodes - A How To Guide


Hi All,

So I’ve finally got my barcodes printing on my Custom Print Formats and I thought I’d share :smile:

Using this site:

And their REST API you simply need to call the barcode as an image in your HTML.

For me I wanted a QR code representing the URL of the Sales Order so we can scan this into a browser and have the Sales Order come up onscreen within the production workshops.

So my code is:

<img src="[company_name]{{ }}">

Note I’ve replaced our real company name with [company name] in the URL for anonymity.

Also note if you need to return any special characters - ie the # within the URL like I had to between “/desk” and “Form” you will need to use the ASCII encoding Reference value. For “#” it’s %23, [space] is %20, etc. A full list is here:

PS: This might be a good knowledgebase topic - feel free to modify my description above or suggest any changes I can make to ensure it’s helpful for everyone.

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Can we make it easier to implement for ERPNext hosted customers? More help/guidelines on that front will be highly appreciated.