Custom fields and data gone after upgrade (develop)

Custom fields that were created for Purchase Order are no longer appearing in Purchase Order.

Rates and prices (standard buying) for items have gone missing.

git remote show upstream

  • remote upstream
    Fetch URL:
    Push URL:
    HEAD branch: develop
    Remote branches:
    develop tracked
    gh-pages tracked
    hot-fix-leave-application tracked
    hotfix tracked
    master tracked
    revert-4832-patch-1 tracked
    revert-5028-paypal-cleanup tracked
    v4.x.x tracked
    v5.x.x tracked
    Local branch configured for ‘git pull’:
    develop merges with remote develop
    Local ref configured for ‘git push’:
    develop pushes to develop (local out of date)

@smino check the position of your custom fields, it would have changed due to new layouts in newer versions.

Hi rmehta,

Setup, Custom fields, the list is empty.

Added the custom fields again, gone again after an update today.