Custom field for Item in DO

Hi, I have added a few custom field for items (e.g. size, colour).

When I create Delivery Note, I have a same field with the same name under Delivery Note Item (e.g. size, colour) but the attribute from Item does not populate to the field automatically.

Is there anyway I can do it?

hi @Justin_Lu,
please add the custom field in the Delivery Note Item also.if you want to fetch the value from the Item master then use the following method.
cur_frm.add_fetch(‘parent_account’, ‘report_type’, ‘report_type’);


@Justin_Lu , You have also try with this -
Go to Customize Form, select form Delivery Note Item, open field Size and make this field Read Only by checking Read Only option.
Also in Options of size field set item_code.size then on selection of item code size set automatically. Apply same steps for colour field.

-Regards, Priya

Thanks all!!