Custom App - Onboarding

Hi guys/girls!

I have been thinking of a way to speed up onboarding with ERPNext, and believe a custom app is the way to do it. My best guess is an app which resides in the HR module, called onboarding or new hire or something.

The workflow in my mind is simple, though there are a few intricacies which i’d like to receive some ideas or feedback on.

From HR > click Onboarding

In Onboarding Enter the Name and email ID of the person being onboarded. Then have a body with standard reply. Create various standard replies for your need. Say onboarding U.S, onboarding Europe, asia, etc. Or for various clients which have different reqs.

An email is then sent to the new hire

Hi $name, Welcome to $company, please review and fill out the forms below to complete your onboarding process.

So far this seems simple enough, and almost like the support module could do most of this. What i’d like to see different is a custom URL per new hire. So when gets his welcome email, it will then either take them to a form which posts to Employee on submit, or to a portal that says ok 3 steps to complete. 1. Fill out info (save to Employee) 2. review and sign docs electronically. 3. xyz step

Another possible solution would be to password protect a web page, then have the password auto generated per new hire and saved to unlock the webpage. This way the form is protected from the public, but still usable to new hires :smiley:

Anyways, wanted to post this here and get some feedback from others with experience or who have also been thinking of this.

Thank you!

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