Creating 2 sites on the same server

i have 1 site which opens directly on an IP.
i want to create another site which opens on the same IP:port but with port ofc.
i have erpnext version 11.1.10 (master)
also frappe framework 11.1.10 (master)
I did that before on version 9 but develop and it worked .
how can i do that on v 11 but master

Please could you clear what you mean by

before on version 9 develop ERP i used to open both sites in this way:
example : 1st site and 2nd site

Now on version 11 (master) , 1st site opens as
i still didn’t implement a 2nd site , i tried to do as same as the develop version but that didn’t work ,
i tried to put but that didn’t redirect me to the 2nd site
i used #bench new-site “sitename”
#bench set-nginx-port “site-name” 8005
#bench setup nginx
#bench reload nginx
1st site runs directly from a script
2nd site i opened terminal went to cd frappe-bench
and bench --site “sitename” serve --port 8005

but i don’t think it’s the same approach between develop and master builds

okay so as it is the production version, you just need these commands to install erpnext on the second site and it worked so it’s fixed:
#bench new-site “sitename”
#bench set-nginx-port “sitename” 8005
in here it will create the new nginx file with the new config port, if you have any other things configured in the old nginx file , make a backup of the old one, then just paste server{ 8005… } from the new nginx config into the old one .
#bench reload nginx
#bench --site “sitename” install-app erpnext
#sudo ufw allow 8005/tcp
and no need to to even run the command on a terminal to make the site works.
that’s it, fixed.