Create price list for all suppliers


We have been implementing v13 Erpnext for our construction company and we are quite loving it.

However, we would love if this problem we are facing had a workaround.

Let’s suppose we need to purchase 100 units of item A. This item could be available at 100/unit from vendor X, and at 101/unit from vendor Y. Lets say due to transportation costs, or item quantity availability, we might purchase from vendor X or Y or others may be.

During creation of PO, we have noticed that item price is automatically fetched from default item details. This price is usually the price with which we first purchased the item. In our case assume 100/unit (vendor X).
When I have to purchase from Vendor Y next time, I will select supplier as Vendor Y and select item as Item A and set my required quantity. Doing so, the rate is automatically fetched as 100, which should be 101. The problem is that

Is there a way to set the default rate according to Supplier ?

Yes, you can set Default price list on Supplier Card, or affect a supplier to Item Prices

Could you please briefly tell me how to achieve this ?

In the supplier doctype, there’s a field called “Price List”. Create a new pricelist specific to that supplier, and any prices you set will be specific to that supplier.


I never knew that !

I tried it. At the first glance, I found it complicated. May be we will get used to it. Its good to have this feature. It saves a lot of time.

Thank you for letting me know.

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