Cost accounting for products

So… not an accountant here. :slight_smile:

I’m trying to understand the ways that I can get reports on cost of my manufactured products. Previously, we have had a VERY detailed Chart of Accounts to track our invoices in our accounting software. What I’m trying to find out is is there another way in ERPNext to get reports on cost of products WITHOUT breaking them down in the COA?

We plan to use Cost Centers for projects, and COA for tax reporting obviously, what’s the best way to get cost reports on products?

Are you trying to get to a net profit value of some kind? If so, then I would recommend you setup accounts in your COA for the various things you want to track. They should be marked as “cost of goods sold” account type. Here is an example from my system.

Ok, so there’s no other way to track COGS besides a detailed COA?

Yep pretty much, if you want erp to help you. You could by hand in a spreadsheet as well. This is an accounting thing that would need to setup to properly handle. You don’t need a ton of COGS accounts. Start with what you know you need now and expand as needed over time.

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Thanks for your help!