Convert item to Fixed Asset?

Is there a way to convert an existing item to a Fixed Asset?

We have been using ERPNext for a couple of years and have several items that were created without the Fixed Asset box being checked. Until now, we weren’t using the assets module. So now, if we want to track existing assets, I need to link the asset to the existing item code (which does not show up in the item code filter on the assets page since the item is not marked as a fixed asset). Is there a way around this without having to duplicate the existing item codes?


I have same question.
is there any solution for this?

have the same question, plus!

If we sell laptops/computers and we have assets of the same computers

we need to create 2 items ??
one item for selling/buying and create another one for being asset however they are both the same item?
if yes how can we do that with the item template, as we can’t create the same variant attribute twice “this is logic”?

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anyone could reply on this ? is this feasible somehow?

I think these laptops are of different natures.
As product (buy/sell) it will be maintained as stock.
And as asset, it will be maintained as assets.

Selling assets will be accounted for in assets disposal gain/loss, not revenue from selling items. (
And the assets have depreciation calculated.