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Connection ZKTeco with ERPNext

Dear all, can anyone give me an information about ZKTeco that how can i connect erpnext with this machine?

@luthfullah, have you tried to use this script to sync your biometric IN/OUT logs to ERPNext.

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Please check if this video helps you. CAMS provides the Web API which you use for integrating biometric device with any web application. To integrate the ZKTeco devices, if you can verify your device at, then you can use their API to integrate your device with ERPNext

@luthfullah were you successful in setting up your ZKTeco to connect to ERPNext? Can you help me with a step-by-step guide? I’ve tried but seem to be encountering series of errors.

UPDATE: I seem to have successfully configured the device and the script but when i enter python3 what i see is

Service Running…

but nothing happens in ERPNext and it just stays that way. Could i have done something wrong?

Also, @karthikeyan5 if you’re one of the developers who built the app, do you mind taking a look at PyQt5 dependency? it seems to be breaking the requirements.txt setup process. I had to manually install v5.14 in order to get past the error.