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Connecting Dashboard with CRM Customer module



Hi, I want to create a dashboard and connect the CRM Customer module in it. It’s like a link in the dashboard on clicking that link it opens Customer Module of CRM. Anyone knows how to do this?


Try a search on ‘dashboard’ for lots of q&a pointers and clues for eg Introducing Dashboard


I have not find anything related to my question. please guide me if you have any information regarding this.
Thank You


ok I have to ask you’re kidding here right?


Sir I said I have not find anything related to my question in q&a. As u said try to search over there. what’s wrong in this?


My apologies I will leave you to discover and learn.

Clearly we are challenging eachother in a case of forest and trees!


Why not check these for ideas


Thank You Sir and apologise for my misbehavior if I made.


No need to apologize WaqarAhmad -

Self help search is the ideal but we all get stuck or lost.

In that case this community is all about digging up what works.