Child Table Error Latest V10

just updated to latest version …got this error in browser console… when child table is modified then save the doc…cannot submit the doc…I believe it’s a bug

Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: Cannot read property 'name' of undefined
    at Class.refresh_field (form.min.js?ver=1522130827.0:3850)
    at Class.setup_columns (form.min.js?ver=1522130827.0:3568)
    at Class.render_row (form.min.js?ver=1522130827.0:3517)
    at Class.refresh (form.min.js?ver=1522130827.0:3473)
    at Class.refresh (form.min.js?ver=1522130827.0:2907)
    at Class.refresh_input (control.min.js?ver=1522130827.0:1915)
    at Class.refresh (control.min.js?ver=1522130827.0:155)
    at Class.attach_doc_and_docfields (form1.min.js?ver=1522130827.0:252)
    at Class.refresh (form1.min.js?ver=1522130827.0:172)
    at _f.Frm.refresh_fields (form.min.js?ver=1522130827.0:551)

there are two errors…the steps to replicate these are just open draft documents…then make some changes then save the document:

  1. In Sales Invoice got this message when adding new item --> Price List Exchange Rate is mandatory. Maybe Currency Exchange record is not created for IDR to IDR.
  2. after saving the doc, last row of items table become freeze…and got above error on browser console

anybody experiencing the same?

done bench update just now, this still happens…steps to replicate --> open draft invoice, add an item then the error rises… but if we delete that item, re-add it, the message is gone…so the bug still happens for the first time when we edit draft documents

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@jof2jc Yes, we are experienced same issue in some DocTypes. We can submit after change only after a reload.

Anyone experienced the same? We can submit almost anything!!

Issue added

Thanks for reporting this here

We have fixed this yesterday.
Can you please update and check again?

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