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Chat Room not working in Self Hosted Server

I am using a self-hosted server using digital ocean and docker. I recently migrated from Erpnext cloud to a self-hosted server. Previously I was able to send messages through the chat room, but recently when i tried, i am able to send messages to that person with whom I had already done chatting, but am not able to create a new direct room with anyone. Whenever i try to initiate a new chat room with anyone, it shows an error that “Direct Room is already created with the user”, but I am not able to see that person message room

Check socketio logs.

What is the site name? Is it same as the domain name?

I have recently migrated from the old server to the new server as the previous one crashed due to some reason.
Right now am using Version 13.11.1. I am still not able to use the chat function.
Could you please guide me with the exact steps to be taken to activate it.

check this [Announcement] Introducing Frappe Chat App

Thanks a lot…will check it out

I tried installing the above chat but was not able to get through. As am using docker, i followed the steps shown on I replaced the [custom] with “chat”. But am stuck on last step on how to install and build a docker for chat app.

Am using docker for the first time, so my queries might be very basic, but could you guide me with a link or a video where proper steps are shown on how to install such apps in docker.

use this diff for reference

Change the list of apps to be installed and build your images

@revant_one you seem like any expert here so if u dont mind can u help me on how to set up a sound on receiving a notification in the bell icon or how to set up desktop notifications…

at the moment just a re dots comes with no sound…

i am sry its off this topic but would reall appreciate if u can guide on this …

thanks buddy

I’ve not used the chat app. I don’t know how to setup sound for notifications.

@revant_one buddy i mean normal system notification that come with a red dot on the bell icon…

nothing to do with chat…

how to add sound when a user receive any kind of notifcation.

example : if someone has asisgned me task and i am working on diffrent browser tab or any other applicaiton how will i know if i got a notification, a sound would be great amnd need it …

I’ve not used that as well. I don’t know much about it. It just works by default I guess. I didn’t configure anything for that.

no its doesnt work my default, are u getting any sound when u get a notification…

@revant_one can u help man…
how can i add a sound whn i get a notifiction ?