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Chart of account importer in V12

Hello guys,

I am having issue with importing chart of account into erpnext v12, I am getting this error message “Root Type for Assets must be one of the Asset, Liability, Income, Expense and Equity”. The following is the screenshot of the error I am getting, any help is welcomed!

Hello Heri, I can’t tell for sure from the screenshot that you provided, but maybe this will help… A completed Chart of Accounts (CoA) has a minimum set of Accounts. They have to have specific names and they have to have a specific Root Type or Account Type

As an example, You have to have an Asset that has an Account Type of “Capital Work in Progress”. Even if your business will never need it, that is a required Account.

My suggestion is to follow the Error message carefully and remedy whatever it tells you.

In the case above, I am guessing that you have an Account called Assets and you have not selected Asset as the Root Type. Edit that account and make the change.

(I have done a few of these and usually end up editing everything in the interface rather than trying to use the importer. It takes a long time but it works!)

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Thank you… I got it :slight_smile: