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Cattle Farming Management


Dear all,

I’m looking for a System for a Cattle Farm. The Farmer should be able to track and calculate cost of goods of the Cattle, growth percentage, diet and medications. Basically a Cattle is an Item which continuously is growing in Value until it gets sold.

I would appreciate any input or suggestions how to handle such a scenario in ERPNext.

Thanks, David


Hi David,

Unfortunately a ‘livestock’ search turned up no forum postings for that domain.

Likely you are ware of these project domains
tmatteson Meat Cuts Processing
Tropicalrambler ERPNext for Agriculture and ERPNext spatially enable

Here’s a 5+ year old dialogue of projects and products for reference

A group of domain experts and practitioners would be best to identify extend and differentiate livestock management to related domains for eg patient health care?

cheers, John



The agriculture module has been envisioned to manage livestock in the future.
I collaborated in the development for the module regarding ag-industry for plants, crop cycles, etc.

The next version should contain items for managing populations, carry capacity, feed formulations, veterinary reports, and other topics that can be proposed.

My goal is to have something by the end of the year that is working well.

Would you be willing to have a hangout to discuss this particular topic so your input is taken into consideration?

I believe that developing over ERPNext is a great investment in the longterm, since the erpnext platform already supports and other activities core to any business with great reliability and flexibility, what I personally consider “future proof”.

Before Hydroponics and programming, I grew up at a farm that had cattle as its main business, before we had to diversify and change to crops like sugarcane, etc.

Send me a direct message so we can discuss what we have in mind.


Hi John,

thank you for your input.

Thanks, David


Hi Alain,

this goes exactly in the direction I thought about. I will reach out to you to setup a hangout to discuss some details. Maybe we could work on this together.

Thanks, David


I would be delighted!


What the progress on this


Any prediction for release of a new version?
Is it planned to manage items (eg trees) on each land?
I believe that making the app versatile for more industries related to natural resources exploration would bring more interest and possible investment in it.

I’m willing to invest in this app, but I can’t wait years for development…