Can't pass rds_db option via helm chart

Using the official chart (helm/ at main · frappe/helm · GitHub), there doesn’t seem to be a way to deploy to RDS without manual fixup. You can set the db type to mariadb but common_site_config.json requires an rds_db option (frappe_docker/ at 5121e2710653c8df513e953a21e8d1ee8d3c2bde · frappe/frappe_docker · GitHub) to be set in order to deal with RDS permissions. Is there a way to pass this option through an existing facility (e.g., jobs.configure)?

No. Send a PR if you add it.

Or generate template of configure bench job, change the bench set-config command and name of job as per need.

I think I see why it’s not exposed via helm :slight_smile: Bench does not currently have a configuration option for rds_db. In its absence, common_site_config.json would have to be manually hacked. I’ve opened rds_db option not configurable via bench · Issue #1371 · frappe/bench · GitHub for this issue. If nothing else, I’d like to get some feedback there regarding implementation: create a dedicated ‘db-environment’ option or just add a new mariadb-rds db-type.

Edit: Nevermind. I didn’t realize how set-config worked. It looks like it will accept arbitary options. Working on a patch now.