Cannot cancel Invoice, Stuck on Submitting Screen

Hi Community,

I cannot cancel Invoices which was submitted for previous month Ex. January. As attached Gif, by clicking on cancel button, it gets stuck at least 1 to 2 minutes on submitting and then shows timeout error. As you can see only 4-5 items on Invoice, and only 1 active login at the time.
Same thing happens if submitting new invoice for previous month, once it gets stuck no-one can access server and every entry hangs.
I am facing this issue since couple of months, at first we were in 10$ plan, but because of this issue we updated to 40$ but still same. Also updated 2 days earlier to latest release(No error in updates) but still same issue. Below is more information for my server. (we are having couple of custom script 10-12)
Hosted on Digital Ocean - 4 GB Memory / 30 GB Disk / AMS2
Server Bandwidth, CPU, Disk I/O goes high when this happens.
Only 1-2 users active.

Thanks in advance.

GIF (Click to view) couldn’t upload because of size limit

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Any one? :roll_eyes:

Hi @mdwala
Please post a screenshot of the network activity of the request that returned a 504

Hi @tundebabzy and thanks for your reply,

Is this what (and how) you want?

Almost. In the network monitor, click the same request that returns the 504. It will allows us to inspect the request and the response from the server

Here it is.

@mdwala How many invoices has been created after January related to those 5 items? Can you give an approx numbers.

Basically, while submitting/cancelling back dated entries, system repost GL Entry and Stock Ledger Entry for all the related future transactions. This is to update valuation rate and related accounting effect. In your case, I think reposting is taking too much time.

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Hi Nabin @nabinhait Hope you are well.

Approx around 1000 invoices of above 4 mix items. What is the solution if its valuation issue…

We were using tally earlier(No product batch and Expiry)… And never had any issue with Tally.

But now I, Being one who suggesed and pushed for starting using ErpNext in my company, my honor, my decision, finances spent on development and months of personal time spent for migrating (Jan to July) are on Risk…

(No old enteries editable!)

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Any Solution? @nabinhait @tundebabzy ?

Or anyone else?



I increased Http Timeout to 3000, and now it takes 2-3 min, Server Hangs, but at last I get Error message stating issue for why not able to Cancel Invoice, (It was linked with Return Invoice)

I also found out that, entries belongs to my retail warehouse (More invoices) are having issue only. Other warehouse (Actual Warehouse, Less invoice but more quantity) is not having any issues for whatever earliest entry!

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Updates on version 9 by installing on fresh server and migrate backup works.

Closing post.