Can we use the UI of Frappe Books to built own modules


I found that Frappe books UI is great and better than ERPNEXT for Small applications, i’m wondering if we can add others new modules(Menus) on that Frappe books using the same UI and architecture to built a Web app and not a desktop app


No one…

@netchampfaris can you please help

hi Moad ,
What Do you Mean by Frappe books UI i never heard of it before can you share a link ?

Use frappejs?

You may get better feedback by asking your question on that software’s forums. These forums are just for ERPNext discussion. Many users here (myself included) have never heard of Frappe Books.

Yes you can, Frappe Books is built using frappejs and packaged into a desktop application using electron. Under the hood it is still a web app.

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Build Status GitHub release (latest by date)

Free Desktop book-keeping software for small-businesses and freelancers.

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Yes it’s an official solution of Frappe org and it’s available in there website, you can check to know