Can we create new administrator user

is there possible to create new administrator user by our self, because i need for my friend to be administrator
so, i don’t want to give my administrator password:

I don’t think thats possible.

Why not just reset admin password to something that you can both use ?

In console, you can do so by running
bench set-admin-password 'password_here'

ok, thanks @Zlash65

because I need for my friend to be an administrator

What exactly he needs to do?

ERPNext has very robust role-based permission management system.

Maybe assigning ‘System manager’ role will solve your problem.

Why not create a user and assign him all roles, provided you want him to be in full control of the system

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Already the system is roll based so that you can assign any type of access/roles to the individual/ group of users from roll.

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but can this user can add doctype and or can add new module in system

@kinzang System Manager can add doctypes but can’t add modules.

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Thanks @shahid