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Can Auto Email Reports in ERPNext link back to individual elements?



I have set up an Auto Email Report in ERPNext. The Email is delivered correctly. But I would like to include a link back to the records in the list. In most cases you may want to do something with the records in the list. A direct link would allow that you can change a couple of values even with your phone on the go or swiftly from the email.

Is there a possibility to do that?

I hope this helpful you...
I am using this in message field of email alert to back record.
<p>Material Requisition Form  <a href="{{ frappe.utils.get_url_to_form(doc.doctype, }}">{{ }}</a> is now Verified</P>


This would work with one single entry, right? But I want every element in the list (could be 5 or 25 or 100) to be linked. That isn’t possible, I fear. Right?