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Bug in last release frappe v12.16.0 erpnext v12.19.0

after update, the users can’t log in to the system shown a message
Invalid Login. Try again.
for all users

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i’m facing same issue
how did you solve?

not solved yet, rollback to previous release

Today we have upgraded our production servers but did not face any login issue.

I update to ERPNext v12.18.0 and Frappe 12.16.0 this afternoon and now can’t login at all.
Not even administrator. Happen to all sites in the same bench.
There is one site I can login only having frappe, no erpnext installed.
So I guess it is erpnext causes this.

I too am haivng thes same issue after updating to v12.16.0. any help

Is this happening on cloud or local instances? What are the hosting environments?

on cloud


I cannot reproduce the problem , however I did note that a reboot of the host seemed to be needed to have the update to ERPNext: v12.19.0 (version-12) and Frappe Framework: v12.16.1 (version-12) show in Help, About.

I’m having the same problem (running on DigitalOcean)

self hosted on vps.
I did bench update and the bench also did some patch.

I have raise this issue on GitHub

how to rollback previous release
when you rollback previous release how did you manage db, restore db or is this working without restore?

Some users who logged in before update, still running fine. But users who tried to log in after updated, log in failed.

but if they logged out can’t log in again

log in as admin
go to system settings
under “Security”
uncheck “Allow Login using Mobile Number”
after that log out and try again

i can’t log in as admin, how i can log in?

did you do forgot password?

No, I remember my password, and i can change it from bench.

i tried to uncheck “Allow Login using Mobile Number” from the database but still the same issue

have you tried to reset the administrator password in bench , then login with administrator and reset other users passwords?