Biometric device (mark /model) that can be used in erpnext

hi, i intented integrate biometric atendance with erpnext, my question is if have succefull with a specific hardware, i review CAM but uknowk if any model is great or all models work . I review this api but is really expensive (around 1000usd), if have options idealy.


is tested with a specific ZKTeco hardware? unknow if all models of zkteco work.


All the device listed at can be used for pushing the attendance to the ERPNext. If you have ERPNext beyond, 11.1 , you can even avail the complete integration service as listed at

Check the cost once again, As per their documentation their cost is for the first year, 70+40 USD and from second year 40 USD alone per device. Reference:

HI ,

I have tested the tool however i am getting the below message in the logs, any idea ?

zk.exception.ZKErrorResponse: Unauthenticated

Unfortunately, no…