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Batch wise price list


In FMCG and pharma companies, price changes with the batch. I would like to know if we can manage batch-wise pricing in ERPNext.

See here -

There is a child doctype “Batchwise Purchase Rate” that stores rates of each batch’s price when received. We have customized our quotation form to show batchwise rates from which we can select a batch to add to quotation.

So - it can be done! Batch inventory in the box, and batchwise price list takes some configuration/customization.

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Thanks alec for the reply.

I could not find child doctype “Batchwise Purchase Rate”. Have you created that for your project or is it available out of the box?

It seems I will have to go for some customization in the code to add this functionality.

Sorry for the delayed response.

We created the doc for our project - here are some important fields to us.

  1. Item code (link)
  2. Supplier (link)
  3. Batch (link)
  4. Rate (currency)

The customization was done by New Indictrans Tech, possibly @rohit_w and his team can help you out! We’re very happy with his team’s work :smile:

Thanks for reply Alec.

Noted your point and suggestion :smile:

Hello, I would like to know if there is any workaround about this, so we can validate price according to batch. Thanks in advance.

Hello, I would like to know how to achieve batchwise purchase and sale. please advise.

These docs should help

Hi. Thanks for the reply. I want different prices for different batches of the same item.
I want to run a pharmacy, and prices vary from batch to batch for the same item.