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Attendance Calculation



How make attendance based on total Salary?


Are you stating that you want the attendance to be as per salary or the salary of an employee should be based on the attendance? Ie. the attendance should be verified at the time of payroll?


No we have a formula to calculate it. Ie (Total salary / As per the month days )*1.5(per day leave factor)
so should we use this formula in erpnext?



What is this formula used for?

If you mark attendance in ERPNext and generate payroll, salary will be calculated as per the attendance marked.



in which formula base it is calculating?


You have to first assign a salary structure for a period (usually a month). Based on the attendance and leave without pay, the salary gets calculated. For example, if the monthly salary of an employee is 30,000 then salary per day is 30000/30 = 1000. If the employee has worked only for 27 days (based on his attendance), then the salary for that month will 27,000 (if the leaves taken were of type “Leave without pay”).

Also, why would you want to calculate attendance from salary? Because, usually, it is the other way round.