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Accounting in Quebec, Canada

Hi everyone,

I’m currently evaluating Erpnext and I have a very positive opinion so far. I’m looking for someone who has some experience with using Erpnext for accounting in Quebec.

I have a small incorporated business in which I am the only employee. So I have to give “myself” a salary, track expenses and revenues.

I have very basic understanding of accounting in general. I was planning to use Erpnext for book keeping and produce reports to give to an accountant periodically.

I was planning on using this chart of accounts :

My question is can I do all of that inside Erpnext, or would you recommend using another accounting software in parallel, if so why?

Thanks for your time,


Hi @dcaron05 . Yes, this is definitely doable in ERPNext. If you want someone to assist you with this who is very much familiar with Quebec’s accounting, you can post job here.

Yes, I am an accountant using Erpnext in Quebec. Would be happy to help

Whoa! There you go. You have the Quebec ERPNext Chapter all ready to roll!!


I’m also using ERPNext here in Québec.
It’s very powerful and you can do what you want. Everybody who see ERPNext is impressed (compared to Acomba! haha).

Thanks everyone for your input. I wanted to get some reassurance. I’m moving forward with the implementation.

I may post issues here specific to Québec that come along the way.

I need to know if erpnext has any integration problem with accounting software ZipBooks. And can I use it from mac. Of course I can take help from Parallel or Winehq.

No integration with ZipBooks…Of course u can use it on the Mac…Erpnext is browser based


I’m a business owner in Quebec City, Quebec (I speak french and english). I moved all of our information in ERPNext (billing, inventory, CRM)… Everything. I needed to make some adjustment but we’ve been using it for everything since July 2017. Overall, I’m very happy with the move. I use the self hosted solution, I connected my ERPNext database with Metabase to generate reports and dashboard and it’s great. There are some little caveats for us, especially in regards to Customer Monthly Statements and some other accounting reports but we found a way to make it work until it gets better in ERPNext.

Just let me know if you need any advice/help.

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I am curious, how do you manage your depreciation for assets?

I’m also looking at erpnext. it seems great but complicate.
My company use simplify taxe calculation and i try to figure out how to manage that in erpnext.
Also the first 30K$ of tax exemption.

Can you help me ?
Thank you

Dont apply any taxes rules unless you’re registered to TPS. Check your reports to know when you have more then 30k in sales.

ERPNext is great, but user interface and overall is complicated. Quickbooks is much easier to use because of the UI