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A solution for Shipping Company

Hello Dears,
I have a small shipping company that deliver orders from my customers (like onlineshops owners and ecommerce websites) to the end customers (like onlineshops cutomers ).

The onlineshops owners should import thier orders on daily basis to my system, then I should update the status of every order via my employees.

Most of times I should get the order total cost from the end customers (Order Price + shipping fees), and return back the order price to the onlineshops owners. Which we call Cash On Delivery.

Simply this is my business, Can I implement this in Erpnext?

I tried but I failed actully, so I am asking for help.


Hello friend

I think you need to use frappe framework

Build your custom Doctypes and fields needed for your business

Frappe gives you the flexibility to add employee and customer user to login and create the orders a fulfill the data

We use erpnext with a custom app for our business
International courrier
We was able to integrate our custom app with erpnext accounting(sales invoices)

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You may use the sales order or delivery notes for that I think. What kind of reports/results do you need from ERPNext after the implementation? What do you need to track with ERPNext?

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Hope this will help.


As a shipping company, I need each client of mine to track the orders of his own customers.

Each order will has multple statuses (like recived, moved to the inventory,… ), and my emplyees and drivers should change the status to let the end user track his order.

It will be very nice also if we have a tracking page to the customer.

We may develop a custom portal page for that.

Sales Order doc has a field for customer’s order no. So your client’s customer names can be written to sales order’s customer’s order no field. You should also create new address for each of their customer.

We may have trouble if we use ERPNext’s status here. I would add a custom field with select type and I would set it as “Allow on submit”. We may discuss the details if you want. (Skype: turker.tunali)

PS: Using sales partner feature is also an option but I don’t think it is relevant for your case.