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Zapier integration with ERPNext

A GitHub Issue would be a good place to start. And maybe add a few :+1: :slight_smile:

Created a Git issue. I wonder how we can bring this home. Thanks

What’s the link ?

I created an issue here and the chief customer officer promptly closed it. Feels like a government office :slight_smile:

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I think its also best to link some use cases of what is wanted. Maybe someone in the community can fund, build and contribute it.

I have a use case… was originally planning to integrate work between ERPNext and woocommerce. But I think via Zapier would be faster. I could start a bounty but I don’t know for how much or if ERPNext is open enough for a 2 way sync. Also usable for everyone.
If I put the use case would you please check and quote?

@Deepak_Pai maybe define a minimum use case and commit X amount. I am sure lots of service providers here might be open to pick it up

Hi !

is this project abandoned? Would like to know how far did this go. Interested on this.

I posted the same on this thread Lets make a Zapier integration!
I’m stuck on authentication which @pdvyas mentioned that “Authentication: Frappe, at the moment doesn’t support any of the
four authentication schemes Zapier supports. However, The HTTP Basic
auth would be reasonable scheme for Frappe to have. (on our list)”

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solved authentication error [Zapier Integration] What to put in redirect uri (OAuth)?

problem now is I can’t get my request through. I’m getting 417 Error

Method: POST
http://:censored:17:d1b6aff9f7:/api/resource/Sales Invoice

content-type: application/json
user-agent: Zapier
Authorization: Bearer :censored:30:967487ceab:


{"customer_name":"John CompanyJohn","company":"John Company","items":[{"rate":1,"item_code":"1","qty":1}],"posting_date":"2018-03-21T03:23:12+08:00","due_date":"2018-03-21T03:23:12+08:00"}

Duration (ms): 1484

Status Code: 417
content-type: text/html; charset=utf-8
content-length: 7509
x-page-name: message
x-from-cache: False
set-cookie: sid=Guest; Expires=Tue, 03-Apr-2018 11:08:17 GMT; Path=/
server: Werkzeug/0.13 Python/2.7.12
date: Sat, 31 Mar 2018 03:08:17 GMT
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  • URL encode the “delivery url” e.g. Sales%20Invoice
  • Data is JSON string payload=json.dumps(data) NOT a dict
  • if you’re using POST, try setting content-type application/x-www-form-urlencoded
  • I’ll suggest 3 levels of debugging.
    1. use print() it dumps output on bench start screen as API requests are made.
    2. Errors are missed because of broad global try/except(s) use local try/except(s) with specific Exceptions, they’ll help identify problems.
    3. Tests help identify problems missed by above two steps! checkout woocommerce test: It emulates a request made from woocommerce server (you can capture one sandbox/test zapier request and emulate it)

Cool, thanks! Will try this one.

was you able to http post to frappe or erpnext. I really need it. Zapier would be great

any update on this integration, wish to contribute

Really like to have Zapier integration…

Sure enough it’s here on the request wish todo list

But not here on the bounty list

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Hello everyone,

I recently published the first ERPNext app for Zapier.


  • Search all records in ERPNext.
  • Create a new record in ERPNext with data from any Zapier app.
  • Trigger any Zapier app when something happens in ERPNext.
  • Works for all DocTypes. (Especially well for Leads and Opportunities.)

Please email me about a custom integration ( / German Website) and feel free to contribute on Github.

Best regards,



I cannot seem to see this app on Zapier.

Hi Olamide,

you are correct, it’s not a public app on zapier. You have to deploy it as a private app. This has the following reasons:

  1. ERPNext has no single API (like Facebook) but, in contrast, everybody has his own ERPNext instance with his own API and oAuth clients.

  2. I’m not the ERPNext foundation, so I should not publish an app in their name.

The consequence is, that you have to deploy the app privately to Zapier, using the Zapier command line interface tool.

Afterwards, “ERPNext v0.0.1” will appear in your list of available apps on Zapier.

If you cannot deploy the app on your own, I’ll be happy to help. (

Best regards,



Hi-Is your app limited to only Leads and opportunities? e.g if we wanted to do the following use cases

Sales invoice creation on My ERP instance> Zapier>Messaging App e.g Twillo or ZipWhip or
Appointment created on myERPNext instance> Zapier> Integrated Zapier chatbot

What changes to this app do we need to make?

It’s not limited to a specific DocType. You can can create a trigger for any event of any DocType. For example, on_submit of Sales Invoice. No changes required.