Wrong Material Consumption in Stock entry for Manufacture

Dear Team,

Its been very serious issue that we have noticed.

Back-flush based on ( Material Transfer to manufacturing )

Considering work order Qty for 5000 and raw material consumption in scale of 1:1


Item Name Qty
RM001 1
RM002 1
RM003 1

We have transferred the all material based on BOM from Store to WIP that is material transfer for manufacturing

We have finish the Work Order for 500 Qty ( First finished Entry )

Stock entry ( Manufacture ) is getting correct.

Item Name Qty
RM001 500
RM002 500
RM003 500

But if we finish the remaining 4500 ( Second Finish Entry )

Item Name Qty
RM001 5000
RM002 5000
RM003 5000

Instead of RM 4500 Consumption is calculating 5000.

Issue has been raised

Hi Anyone is facing the same issue, ?