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WORKING - Fingerprint enabled Time and Attendance application for ERPNext

No problem @JayRam we have just put a simple config file for the server configuration so hard coded credentials have been removed from the source; so we are nearly ready to opensource it. When we do (soon); you will be able to simply put in your server ip, db name, db user and password and save the text file.

Later we’ll look at; with the support of others here; look at more secure configuration options.


Awesome. Please let me know when you guys are ready.

Any updates @noetico ? A lot of people are looking forward to this solution.

just curious …

  1. wouldn’t you potentially get code contributions from other parties (like @JayRam i.e.) if you show your work at an early stage and likewise may get better/quicker results?
  2. What’s the benefit of keeping it closed till it’s ready?

Thanks; my bad; we’re ready to push this on github; will be nice if someone can help with this; I can share the source and compiled versions and someone can assist with making it accessible on github, thanks. Please let me know if this is doable

@vrms; yes; very good point; like I said; my oversight; we kind of ‘forgot’ to do this for the community. Maybe someone can guide on how this works with github. I will love to upload the source as well as a compiled/ready to go version.

It will be really good to have others fix and improve certain parts of the program like the in-app authentication for high level activities.

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As promised; here’s a link to the complete solution; source and working application.!Aid3w9N-oNFsmj3Oy5uap4YHeZ-E

@JayRam; and any others; please help get this on GitHub and let’s see what people make of it within the community. My client has successfully enrolled over 1700 employees using field agents who then send named thumbprint files to the HR manager for bulk configuration. The payroll update has also been tested and calculates deductions for absence.


A quick setup guide is included with the archive. I can clarify any cloudy areas here on the forum. Thanks all!

@vrms; can you assist with getting this on GitHub please… thanks

Its uploaded now. I just packed everything; source and working application.


This is the scanner used for the development; its affordable; has a good free api, add a used laptop and connect to your server. Its built to be pocket-friendly.

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@noetico thanks for sharing! Did you also include some docs?

@mehta, there’s just a short setup and usage file included. It’s my hope that we’ll have something fuller shortly. Is it possible to help properly put this on github? Never used it before, so I wouldn’t want to host something unusable. Thanks.

GitHub is really nice to use, might take a few days to get familiar though. Once you get a hang of it, I promise you will never look back!

Try git first:

This seems like a good guide:


Thank You so much @noetico

If anybody has tested this with Scanning devices other than Futronic’s fs80h, then kindly share your experiences.

@xainch For the moment; it will work for the futronic fs80h. But I think now that it’s out there; we’ll be able to add more devices using their apis. One challenge is; I believe; for fingerprint capture; there are various implementations so it will be a matter of coding various apis and allowing the user select the device to use; with some more effort; we can also have code that enumerates usb ports and identifies the device plugged in and uses the driver.

The fs80h is a good device by the way. You can start with that and get results.

sorry this somehow slipped my attention. Do you still need help to put it on github?

btw … the link you have provided does not seem to load properly, so it seems the code is not accessible right now.

DIY: Arduino Board, touchscreen, fingerprint sensor … maybe?

Hi @vrms, I shared a onedrive link. Is that link unavailable?