Workflow Issue for Material Request

I have created Custom Roles as Material Requestor and Materail Approver and Purchase Requestor.
My aim is to create a workflow for multiple roles. i.e. if an employee having Materail Requestor role will create the Material Request and only Material Approver should be able to approve it and not any other authorized person.
and If material Request is created by Purchase Requestor then only Purchase User and Purchase Manager must be able to accept it. Can you please provide me steps for the same How i can Implement it.?

I have created a workflow for the same but not able to implement it accordingly.
I ll paste image for the Workflow.

@shradhdha03 I don’t think it is possible without customization! You can set the workflow like-
If material requester or purchase requester creates the material request then material approver and purchase user and manager can accept it. But I don’t think you can apply it for different authorities because it is the same docType and it will consider all the authorities.

Thank you for the response.
The thing is I cant select multiple authorities for the same workflow.
As based on Above workflow only Purchase User can approve and the Purchase Manager can give the final approval for the material request.
Even though Material Approver has been provided the role.
What could be wrong in it.
Please highlight it so that i can change it accordingly.